How to make money online without paying anything

By Haseeb - May 17, 2024
How to make money online without paying anything

Can you get paid for doing nothing?

Yes you can. The easiest way to earn money is by doing just nothing. When you complete surveys it means you are doing something or some money making ways ask you to download apps. 

Although they are legitimate ways to earning money online but you can't say it's passive money. 

Surveys are hard work. On average it takes around 5 minutes to or 10 minutes to complete a survey which gives you cents.

While some sites pay you to download apps and play them for few minutes. 

If you are here you might have tried those methods and were probably disappointed. In this post I would be telling you legitimate ways of earning money but I warn you it might not be a lot of money. Let's clear one thing. You can't create wealth this way. You can only earn some money. 

What could you do with this money?

  • Grab a cup of coffee
  • Pay for your web domain
  • Keep saving it 

So let's move forward with the legitimate and passive ways of earning money without doing any work.

Top ways to earn money in 2023 

  1. SMS Profit
  2. McMoney
  3. Honeygain

SMS Profit

App is available from their website to download. After installing the app you just have to register your phone number on it. For new users you will receive a bonus when you signup.

You will receive random advertising text messages and some of them won't even have any meanings. For every SMS received you will receive 0.02 $.

You would need an internet connection to run this app. 

When you reach the 10$ mark you can withdraw the money. 

Here is the proof of my earning.  It's not a lot but I didn't had to do any work to earn this 28$. It's just passive earning while I work on my other hustle. 

Withdraw methods :

  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin

You can use your own PayPal or you can connect anyone's PayPal account with it. You don't have PayPal in your country? You can connect your friend's PayPal account with it. Later you can signup for Payoneer and ask them to connect your Payoneer account with their PayPal. They should connect their bank account with their PayPal or your Payoneer would be removed from their account after few withdrawls.

Instead of going through all this hassle why don't you collect bitcoins in your wallet and let it grow. Today it's value is about 46000$ and it's gonna grow as it has in the past. 

I have received bitcoin instead of the money. It's not a lot but it's growing. 

It was 20$ in the start but now it's 45$. Before the recent crash of bitcoin it was 60$. The point is it's gonna grow in the long-term. 

If someone wanted to get bitcoins for free they could use this method and get free Bitcoin out of thin air.


Another method I'm going to share with you also involves downloading an app. 

This app also sends text messages to your phone number. Their minimum amount threshold is only 1$ so when you reach it you can receive money into your PayPal account. Unfortunately they don't have bitcoin receiving option so you would need a PayPal account to receive money or you can donate that money inside the app. 

According to them they send text messages to your phone to test and improve mobile operators around the world in delivering messages successfully. 

To download the app go to their website. They also give one time bonus if you use a referral code WK5RSS0Y

Remember you have to use referral code when signing up. 

Below you can see my proof of earning money from their site. 


Again it's not a lot of money but it's free. Who doesn't want free money. Their text message spam could bother you but you should bare with it. Don't worry it's not that annoying. Just think of it as marketers sending you text messages. 

Sometimes you may not receive text messages at all but it's normal. Eventually you will receive it. 


Ever though if you could monetize your unlimited internet connection and earn money. This method is different as it does not involve receiving text messages. 

It uses your internet connection and shares it with other people. You get paid according to data they use. When you reach 20$ minimum threshold you would get paid. You can withdraw through PayPal or you can also receive the payment in Bitcoins. 

Honeygain can be run on windows, Android, IOS and Linux. Just download the app and keep it running. 

Signup and claim your 5$ on honeygain.

Below screenshot show how it's interface looks. When I reach 20$ I would be able to withdraw it. 

For every 10GB data they consume you will receive 1 USD dollars$. It depends on your internet connection speed and your location. They also have content delivery option which if enabled can increase your earnings. 

If you are managing and ISP you can also monetize it through their service called swarmbytes and earn money. 

Signup on honeygain and earn your bonus. 

Final thoughts on earning money

These are some of the most passive ways to earn money by doing just nothing and sitting idle. How much work you had to do? I would call it the easiest way to earn money online. 

By using methods above you can earn money doing almost nothing other than just installing the apps. Read about more earning methods.

Looking forward to create a website and setup hosting. I got it covered here. Your hosting can pay for itself if you use the money earned above. 

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