Cheap Web Hosting for Beginners on the Planet

By Haseeb - May 17, 2024
Cheap Web Hosting for Beginners on the Planet

Which Hosting company you should choose?

  • Bluehost
  • Interserver
  • Sulana Hosting

How would you know which hosting company to choose for your perfect and ideal website for which you worked very hard to create either yourself or hired expensive developers to design your website. It takes blood and sweat to create a website. Its your masterpiece. It could be your local business website, online business or you are just a hobbyist like me who likes to play around and wants a good working website with almost 99% uptime. You might have searched a lot and would have seen many times blog posts recommending different hosting companies. 

Unbiased Opinion?

Bluehost and Sulana Hosting are best known for its reliability as they can handle a large amount of traffic.  A good rule to shared hosting is if you have less than 5000 visitors then you should go for the Shared hosting. 

Otherwise go for the dedicated hosting where you would have a dedicated server with a lot of space which can also handle large amount of traffic surges especially if you have an online Store. 

Why Bluehost?

  • Some of the famous sites hosted here so its reliable.
  • 50 GB disk space
  • 25 sub domains
  • Affordable with yearly plans at 2.95$ per month if you sign up with our link Bluehost
  • Free domain name for a whole year ( Normally 13 dollars a year ).
  • Built for Beginners
  • Good customer service
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 30 days money back guarantee

Get Hosting now by at a discounted price by opening this link which will open in new tab. 

Want something even cheaper?

You can try Interserver hosting which cost straight 7 dollars per month. Cheapest on the hosting market. No joke. 

Web hostSign Up amountRenewal AmountYearly RenewalVisit
Bluehost$2.95$4.99$59.40Visit Bluehost
Interserver$5.00$7.00$54.00Visit Interserver
Sulana Hosting$2.99$2.99$36.00Visit Sulana Host

Why the Difference?

You might say there is a huge difference in price. Why you would choose the Bluehost which is more expensive than Interserver and Sulana Host.

All of them provide great service and allow all CMS platforms. I will tell you something. Ease of use has a cost to it. Bluehost is just amazing at providing VPS and Dedicated hosting servers. Interserver cPanel I would say would be difficult to use for absolute beginners. I wont call it hard. Customer service is good but I would call it understaffed. I can say it with experience. I have used both of them over the years. Sulana Host is a good all rounder with amazing site speed and the cheapest hosting of them all. They provide 24/7 Live Chat support also their ticket response time is good. They don't use cPanel instead they have a beautiful user-friendly customised control panel.

Why I would Choose Bluehost? 

  • 99.98% Uptime
  • More user - Friendly
  • 24/7 Support
  • Discounted price of 2.95$ for a year
  • Best site security
  • Good Server speed

Why I wont choose Bluehost?

  • I can only buy minimum 12 months.
  • Cost more (59.40$ a year)
  • Expensive renewal, Can only sign up at 2.95$ per month if I sign up for 3 years? Wait what?
  • Site Backup costs 35.88$ per month
  • Storage capacity only 50 GB

Why I would choose interserver?

  • Affordable at $7 dollars per month
  • Unlimited Storage space
  • 30 days Guarantee
  • No minimum months to sign up. You can go with pay as you go method
  • Free site migration while on Bluehost it comes at a cost
  • Good server speed
  • 99.96% average uptime 

Why I won't choose Interserver?

  • Server location is only in the USA which means if someone accessing your site from ASIA it will be slower for them.
  • Cost more in the long-run (84$ a year).
  • Not for beginners and comes with a learning curve
  • Free domain not included for 1 year while included for Bluehost
  • Unlimited storage space might not really be unlimited 

Why I would choose Sulana Hosting?

  • Most affordable hosting on the planet at 2.99$/m with same renewal fee
  • Cost less (36$ a year)
  • Free Trial for 30 days without credit card
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Unlimited SSD space and bandwidth with each plan
  • Unlimited Sub-Domains
  • Unlimited Traffic visit
  • Monthly 5GB VPN Traffic
  • 100 Email accounts with 40GB Storage
  • Free backups at no extra cost also Google Drive and One Drive backups provided at no extra cost
  • Free let's encrypt SSL certificate
  • Choice to choose different datacenters around the world

Why i won't choose Sulana Hosting?

  • I have not yet found any reason for not choosing this hosting company except i can only sign-up minimum 12 months, but I don't want my site to be live on the internet for a few months only right?

Let's be honest. You might not need to use 50GB space for your website and if you do you might be better off with VPS plan. 

Every company has their own unique selling point with different features. These companies are operating for a long time and not going away anytime soon. 

Bluehost is famous hosting service and many bloggers choose it because it was marketed very well. But we have a worthy competitor Sulana Hosting. Even if both of them offer minimum 12 month plan. You are Blogging for the long term so it doesn't matter if you would have to sign up for 12 months. 

Why Bluehost?

  • Affordable if you sign up for 12 month as it would cost you only 4.95$ per month which makes up 59.40$ once in a year payment.
  • Interserver with monthly 7$ after discounted price would cost you 84$ per month for a year.
  • More cheaper if you choose to sign up for 2 and 3 years

Why Interserver?

  • If you don't have 59.40$ as one time annual payment
  • If you can only spare 7$ per month for the hosting
  • If you want to host website for a limited time and are happy with the monthly payment

Why Sulana Hosting?

  • Only 33$ a year 
  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
  • Best affordable option
  • Free trial for 30 days without credit card

Which Hosting provider should I choose?

I have tried to be as un-biased as possible. Hosting companies have their pros and cons. 

Whether someone is Blogging or running an online business. They should cut their costs as much as possible. One of the easiest ways to cut costs is starting from your hosting fees. 

I'm all about saving money and reducing overhead expenses. 

     Web hostSign Up amountRenewal
Yearly Renewal      Visit
Sulana Hosting$ 2.75/m$ 2.75/m$ 33Visit Sulana Hosting
Bluehost$ 2.95/m$ 4.99/m$ 59.40Visit Bluehost
Interserver$ 5.00/m$ 7.00/m$ 54.00Visit Interserver
Hostinger$ 2.99/m$ 5.99/m$ 71.88Visit Hostinger
iPage$ 2.99/m$ 9.99/m$ 119.88Visit iPage
FastCow$ 3.15/m$ 4.08/m$ 49Visit FastCow
SiteGround$ 3.99/m$ 14.99/m$ 179.88Visit SiteGround
HostGator$ 2.64/m$ 9.22/m$ 110.64Visit hostgator
GreenGeeks$ 2.95/m$ 15.95/m$ 191.4Visit GreenGeeks
InMotion Hosting$2.49/m$ 8.99/m$ 107.88Visit GreenGeeks

Now this is the complete picture of these hosting companies. In the start they offer very attractive discounted prices. You have to renew one day and renewal prices are just huge.

I had to search a lot to find these renewal prices. They attract the client with very little prices and then you are expected to pay huge sums to renewal amount. Isn't is sensible to just choose a cheaper hosting company? Cheaper prices does not mean service will be bad. There are outages in servers but they work hard to get their services back online. 

If a company is providing cheaper hosting packages it probably means they are cutting on their profits. Hosting companies should show their renewal prices instead of hiding them deeper in the websites. 

I like Sulana Hosting because they are honest about their pricing and they are the cheapest of them all. They are also providing 30 days Free Trial to test their services. To get Free trial you need to Sign UP for their account and select hosting plans. After that you can login to their hosting panel.

Why do I recommend Sulana Hosting?

It's not just because they are the cheapest and affordable but they are also reliable hosting providers. We all know how conscious are people about hosting prices. Other features are important too such as server up-time security and speed. In the end price dominates the decision. 

Sulana Hosting is also offering 30 days money back guarantee which means for example if someone on 29th day wants a refund they will be given a refund. No questions asked. If a company is so confident that it is offering 30 days Free trial and 30 days money back guarantee and cheapest it means they are so confident about their services. 

What if you want to test it for 12 months? Well it's only 33 dollars for a year. 

Or you could create a new account every month to see how are they performing as there is no limit. 

What could you do with that saved money?

  1. Spend that money towards marketing your business
  2. Buy  treat for yourself or your kids.
  3. Fix that hardware which is essential for your business. 
  4. Use saved money to buy or renew your domain name.

Its your choice in the end depending on your needs. I like all of them and now you have to decide.

When you have decided you can grab one time 50% Discount for Bluehost and let me be honest here. 

  1.  If you choose with this link you would only get 2.95$ if you choose to sign-up for 3 years. No one tells you that right? Otherwise 4.95$ if you choose for 1 year plan. Still cheaper than Interserver
  2. I would get a small commission if you purchase with my link. I have to get this blog up and running. Seems Fair?

Still Not convinced?

Want something even more cheaper and affordable or even free?

I might know what are your future goals. You want something to host your website for free. It could be you are still new to web - hosting, you are doing it to learn and then move on to something professional you are willing to pay. I think that type of Blog post would be for another day. DO you know about any other web hosting service at an affordable rate? Discuss in the comments below.

In order to grow our small business in a few different ways we will publish several sponsored posts each month which will be labelled. We also sometimes earn an affiliate commission on the sale of products we link to. We will feature only items that we genuinely love and want to share with everyone. Also important readers never pay more for the products. These are some of the ways we are able to run our site and engage with the community we truly love.