How to make money online without paying anything (part 2)

By Haseeb - May 17, 2024
How to make money online without paying anything (part 2)

There are various ways to make passive income which actually work. Making money is hard and takes a lot of work. We don't have much free time when we have a full time job that's why it's recommended to increase passive income and make money while we sleep.

In previous blog post I showed many methods of earning passive income without doing any work at all. It can be helpful for teens and students or anyone who wants to earn a little side income. 

This post is different. For passive income it's the automation as we barely have to work. If you want to earn more then we need to be actually involved in it which means we would have to do some work.

Let's Start

  1. Become a Live Broadcaster

You can become a live broadcaster on Bigo live. Users can go live and broadcast themselves, make new friends and play PK (player knockout). Earning is purely on support from your fans. They can send you gifts which you can withdraw after reaching a certain threshold. Minimum you can withdraw 30$ dollars. 

There is no doubt broadcasting is difficult but with these tips you can be a great broadcaster.

  • You get better with more experience so do it regularly.

  • A good pair of headphones like Anker sound core noise cancellation. Don't go for the cheapest because they are cheap for a reason. Just buy quality headsets.

  • Make sure your phone is not outdated and has a good front facing camera, at least 16MP

  • You don't want to hold the phone in your hands. I would recommend buying a stand which supports a ring light with phone holder. Ring light reduces shadow and makes you look more prettier.  

  • Your Wi-Fi should have good upload speed for the broadcast to work properly. 


It's very easy to start earning money as soon as you build an audience. If you stick to it and do it everyday you will eventually be successful.

 Remember that just like everything it takes time to build a following and fans. You are going to make some very good friends on there and

 they are going to help you out. 

Your only motive should not be just making money on there because there are going to be days when you won't earn a lot or sometimes not

 at all you would get bored and just leave it. Instead if you do it as your everyday activity and just take it easy with no pressure of earning and

 achieving your monthly targets you are more likely to stay there. It's the game of who survives the longest and wins. You would see a lot of

 successful people there but they had worked hard and they stayed for many years. 

You are also dependant on other people in Bigo broadcasting. Other people would send you gifts during your live which are converted into

 cash. Unless you start building a side hustle on the way, you would have to stick to earning through these ways. 

Here is the screenshot to show it really works. 

2. Earn Bitcoins


There are many free apps out there through which you can earn free bitcoins. I have used some of them. One of the apps is honeygain which I

 have mentioned in my previous post

CryptoTab Browser 

It's a browser app through which can earn bitcoins. You just have to use the browser and you will earn bitcoins. That's how I thought before too, because they say it that way. But you don't have to use the browser although it's a good browser based on chrome api.

You just have to go into crypto dash which you will see a small icon in bottom left. There you have to turn on the cloud boost function by pressing a button. 

There will be a small captcha after which it will turn on.

A timer of 3 hours is shown after which you have to turn it on again. 

If you have the free version you would have less hashing speed. With the pro version you can get speed of about 1500/hashes.

It's quite slow and you won't benefit a lot but it's free. Pro version cost about 3 dollars in the Play store or App Store. 

Good thing about this browser is that it's also available for windows. Download crypto tab browser on your phone and start earning bitcoin. 

Here is the app interface.


OKEX app

Another great app to earn bitcoins is the OKEX app. You have to login everyday in the app. Go into rewards. Each day you get 50 satoshi and

 on the 7th day you get 4 x times satoshi. 

About 12000 satoshi make 1 dollar. Minimum you can withdraw 10,000 satoshi. Download OKEX app to start earning bitcoins.

Here is the earning interface. 

You don't have to just earn crypto from OKEX. It's a crypto currency exchange app through which you can buy many different crypto

 currencies. It has a beautiful user - friendly interface. I can't advice on which crypto currency to buy as we all know it's a volatile industry. For

 beginners I recommend to buy and hold or sell after you see the price increase. 

You can earn more when you trade but only very skilled people can do it. Statistics say 95% traders lose money. 

If you want to be in the 5% then you would need to learn and only learning can make you a better person. 

We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn.” – Peter Drucker  

You can teach yourself and become and avid reader. It's gonna take a long long time and plenty of losing money. There is also free information

 on the market and also learn by experience. Free information does not contain all the secret strategies. 

You can learn from different courses on many sites such as Udemy and Coursera. George Levy has a course which teaches quite well the crypto

 currency fundamentals and make your concepts strong. 

3. Become a web developer

Web development is a lucrative career to earn money. According to U.S bureau of statistics, web development jobs are expected to grow 15% by 2026. It's because there are shortages of web developers and to meet that demand new workforce of web developers in in demand. 

Working for a job is not the only career solution. You can also work as a freelancer. Lucrative career does not mean it's going to be very easy. Earning money is always going to be uncomfortable. It's not supposed to happen in a comfort zone. 

Back to the web development there you would need to choose your field. From Front end developer to back end developer. You would need to learn many languages. For example, in boot camp coding sessions you would learn:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. Bootstrap
  4. JavaScript and its different frameworks
  5. About APIs
  6.  Knowledge about GITHUB 
  7.  Different Databases
  8. React and its frameworks

It's not just about learning different languages. You can follow many different courses and guides and tutorials. In the end what matters is your experience in making different coding projects. Because it proves what you have learned is directly applied to your learning. It's the only way we can learn to code. Forums like stackoverflow can help you along the way if you are stuck at some coding problem. 

It can be really demotivating and rough journey. You can also follow #100daycodechallange on different social media sites such as twitter so you don't feel alone. 

karthika completed 87th day of code.

Ale completed 21st day of code with a pikachu made on css

Pac completed 21st day of code with making a product page.

There are a lot of different people on social media sharing progress everyday. if you want to stay motivated it's suggested to share your progress everyday with a community like 100 day code challenge. You would accomplish with learning something new everyday. 

Why Challenges like 100daycode work?

They keep you motivated along the way. It takes exactly about 100 days to convert something into a habit. When coding is your habit you are going to learn a lot that way and your progress would be much faster. Like everything it needs consistent effort to succeed in something. 

I would keep updating this page and will be adding more earning methods. Bookmark this page to view it later.

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